Angels News: Perry Minasian Undecided On MLB Trade Deadline Plans
Perry Minasian, 2021 Season
Angels General Manager Perry Minasian said he has been active in conversations with other teams, but the market continues to be slow. (Photo courtesy of the Angels)

The Los Angeles Angels started the 2022 season looking like they would make some real noise in the American League with a potentially deep playoff run.

However, that all changed with a franchise-record losing streak and a downward spiral that has been unable to be reversed.

This has put the Angels in a tough spot with the MLB Trade Deadline approaching on Aug. 2. The club will need to decide if they are buyers, sellers or staying put with what they have, but Angels general manager Perry Minasian isn’t ready to commit to one strategy just yet, he said via Jeff Fletcehr of the O.C. Register:

“We’re still too far out to make decisions, as far as concrete decisions, but I’m realistic too,” Minasian said. “We’re not in the position we were a month and a half ago, but there’s still time to go before we have to make a concrete decision to go one way or another.”

“I think you look at everything. Buy. Sell. Long term. We might be in a bad spot, but there might be a long-term buy, where we trade prospects for a guy with control. I don’t think you shut anything out.”

The Angels are currently 19 games out of the AL West division, which is almost all but a guarantee to belong to the Houston Astros as they hold a 12-game lead ahead of the second-place Seattle Mariners.

Taking a Wild Card spot would also be a steep uphill climb for the Angels as they are seven games out of the third spot, but it’s far more reasonable than winning the division at this point.

The Angels should focus on re-tooling for next season at the deadline. Shohei Ohtani has previously stated his desire to win, so that may be their last shot at enticing him to make Anaheim his home for the rest of his career.

Angels ‘facing the reality’ of Ohtani’s future with the club

If the Angels feel like they won’t be able to retain Ohtani past 2023, then trading him at the deadline may be their best option.

While trading one of the most talented players of all-time would certainly be a tough ask of Minasain, the return he would bring back to the club could also be franchise changing. His value with the club will never be higher, and getting a massive haul now would be better than watching him leave the team in free agency.

With the future clearly on the mind of Minasian, the possibility of moving their two-way superstar has to at least be discussed.

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