Podcast: 60 For 60 — The 60th Anniversary Angels (Nos. 55-51)
George Stuart Brunet
BJ Martin and Stu Matthews ponder the amazing baseball cap collection of the late George Stuart Brunet (Photo: Courtesy Los Angeles Angels)

by BJ Martin and Stu Matthews, Angels Nation staff

Angels fans, listen up … here come some more!

As part of this special podcast series commemorating “60 For 60” — 60 great Angels players going all the way back to 1961 in honor of the Angels’ 60th anniversary, Nos. 55-51 on the list of Halos players using BJ Martin’s “top secret” sabermetric formula, which someday, may be revealed?

It’s a lot of podcast-listening coming up for you, Angels fans, so stay tuned here on your drive time, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Here is close to another hour of quality Angels listening content, coming at you like a George Stuart Brunet slurveball.

In another “60 For 60” episode, host BJ Martin and Angels Nation managing editor Stu Matthews joined forces to break down their special memories of five of the 60 Angels you might find memorable, or may have never even heard about.

We may be getting a bit older, but we saw (almost) all this stuff with our own eyes, and BJ and Stu will try to podcast those memories to you in bright color.

We’ve got your back here on these podcasts — as we will do throughout the 2021 season with at least weekly episodes of Angels-centric pods.

Here are Numbers 55-51 on the list, so please stop whatever you’re doing and listen to BJ and Stu have a neighborly chit-chat about these Angels you’d better not forget in their 60th anniversay season:

No. 55: Rick Reichardt
No. 54: George Brunet
No. 53: Bryan Harvey
No. 52: Clyde Wright
No. 51: Don Baylor

BJ Martin
Writer and podcaster Brent “BJ” Martin

BJ breaks down all five of these players in prose form at Prime Time Sports Talk, taking you from 60 to 56. But stay tuned for your drive time, because BJ and Stu reminisced through all 60 players of the list, they went deeper and even talked about the “snubs” who didn’t make the list — on several, several episodes to come.

That’s how much we like talking about the Angels Baseball Club.

Find BJ Martin‘s writing right here on Angels Nation, his social feed on Twitter @_HaloLife and his full writing over at Prime Time Sports Talk.

Stu Matthews
Angels Nation editor and columnist Stu Matthews in his podcasting chair.

Former Los Angeles Times, ESPN, angels.com and halosheaven.com scribe Stu Matthews is managing editor and columnist for Angels Nation.

The full list of 60-For-60 podcasts is here:

55-51: http://angelsnation.com/2021/03/02/podcast-60-for-6…angels-nos-55-51/
60-56: http://angelsnation.com/2021/03/02/podcast-60-for-6…angels-nos-60-56/



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