MLB Rumors: Angels Expected To Sell ‘Within The Next Few Months’ For Record Price
MLB: New York Yankees at Los Angeles Angels
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Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno generated buzz towards the end of a lost 2022 season when he announced his intention to sell the team. While his reasons have never publicly been stated, the annual disappointment of missing the playoffs despite having two of the world’s best baseball players has to be a factor.

This puts plenty of pressure and expectations on a new owner. They’ll be given Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, Anthony Rendon, and a trio of quality young starting pitchers, but they could essentially have just one season to build a winner around them before Ohtani hits free agency.

Because of this, it would behoove any interested buyer to complete the sale as quickly as possible, so they have as close to a full offseason as they can to build their ideal roster.

Reportedly, it should not be very difficult for Moreno to sell the Angels quickly, and for a price that smashes MLB records, according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today:

The Los Angeles Angels will be sold for at least $3 billion, a record price for a baseball franchise, several MLB owners believe. The negotiations are brisk, and the sale is expected to be consummated within the next few months.

Within the next few months certainly leaves the door open for a sale to be completed by Winter Meetings. However, it’s very possible that Moreno will still be the representative there, making moves that another owner will see the results of.

Between Ohtani’s impending free agency, the increased injury risks of Trout and Rendon, and now an ownership switch, it’s not hyperbole to say that the 2022-23 offseason could be the most important in the history of the Angels franchise.

If all goes right, the Halos could find themselves competing for one of the six American League playoff spots in 2023, appeasing Ohtani’s longing to win in the process. If not, the team could look very different one calendar year from now.

Perry Minasian seeking input from Phil Nevin on coaching staff

With Phil Nevin returning to the Angels as manager on a one-year deal, building a coaching staff around him is going to be an interesting task. Very rarely do managers get one-year deals, but the ownership uncertainty made it the best move for the long-term.

Even still, Perry Minasian will give Nevin input in his coaching staff. Minasian touted the relationship he’s built with Nevin and the trust he has from everyone within the organization.

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