Angels News: Joe Maddon Expresses Confidence In Perry Minasian
Joe Maddon, 2021 Season
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The Los Angeles Angels are quickly running out of time before the MLB Trade Deadline. General manager Perry Minasian, manager Joe Maddon, and the entire Angels organization have kept relatively quiet on the team’s plans, only offering small tidbits of information at a time.

If they decide to sell, they have a number of expiring contracts that teams would love to have, namely closer Raisel Iglesias and starter Alex Cobb. However, this could send a bad message through the clubhouse, similar to the Seattle Mariners. Buying likely means giving up prospects for short-term bullpen help, something the Angels desperately need if they want to contend.

Maddon expressed his faith in Minasian to make the right decisions at the deadline given all of the conversations the two have had in recent weeks, according to Jack Harris of The L.A. Times:

“It’s up to [Minasian] and the guys upstairs to really evaluate it with their eyes,” Maddon said. “Regardless of how often he asks me for input — which he does a lot, I appreciate it, and I enjoy it — that’s the plan that I think front-office structures have to come up with.”

“He knows what we’re like,” Maddon said. “He’s down here with us all the time. He knows what the pulse feels like. He’ll make the right decisions I’m sure, and I promise you he’ll consult with us before he does.”

Perhaps the Angels’ wins against the Minnesota Twins and Colorado Rockies to put them back above .500 is enough for Minasian to turn the team into buyers. However, an injury to Jared Walsh in that span may make him decide that the injuries are too much to overcome.

Either way, perhaps no team in MLB has a harder decision to make than the Angels. If Maddon gets his way, maybe the Angels buy and bolster their bullpen. If they sell, look for Cobb, Iglesias, Jose Iglesias, and Andrew Heaney to potentially be on the move.

Cobb to miss Thursday start

While Cobb’s name has absolutely come up in trade rumors, he is now working through a blister that popped up during his most recent start. The Angels were unsure if that was going to hold him out of his next start, but they announced on Wednesday night that he would not be able to go.

Dylan Bundy will start for Cobb in the vital series opener against the Oakland Athletics on Thursday.

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