Rod Carew Says He Has ‘Renewed Hope’ In Angels Following News Of Possible Sale Of Team
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On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Angels officially announced that owner, Arte Moreno, would begin exploring a possible sale of the franchise. This news seemed to please both fans and former players.

Rod Carew’s impact on the Angels is a special one, as he was named to six All-Star selections as a member of the team, and in 834 career games, he slashed .314/.393/.392 during his tenure. Carew played for the Angels from 1979 to 1985 but transitioned to the coaching staff prior to the 1992 season.

It’s unclear how the relationship between Carew and the Angels soured, but during Moreno’s time as owner of the club, both he and former manager Mike Scioscia had a falling out which led to the disconnect. He expressed his support on social media that the rift could soon end if a new ownership group takes over:

Just recently, Joe Maddon criticized the Angels and their organizational dysfunction and said the team needed an overhaul of how they operate. Moreno exploring a sale of the team is music to the ears that hope the franchise will turn their fortunes around.

Joe Maddon opens up about time with Angels

The Angels are what they are this season, an underperforming roster with razor-thin depth across the board, and an interim manager at the helm following the eye-raising firing of Maddon in just his third season with the club.

Maddon is a former World Series-winning skipper who made a name for himself across Major League Baseball for his cool, calm, player-savvy ways and sometimes unorthodox managerial style. The 19-year manager had the unfortunate start with the Angels in the 2020 shortened season, and his fortunes never panned out.

With stints back in 1996 and 1999 when the organization was still the California Angels, he managed 51 games, but on his most recent stop with the team, he posted a combined 130-148 record.

General manager Perry Minasian got the green light from owner Arte Moreno to relieve him of his duties early this year and Maddon recently expressed that he’s moved on from the situation that ended abruptly.

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