Nike Announces Latest Mike Trout Inspired Baseball Cleat
Mike Trout
Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout remains one of the lone bright spots with the Los Angeles Angels, and as one of the faces of baseball, a lot of gear around the game is inspired by him.

Trout isn’t a flashy star, but his contributions to the game go far beyond his play. His stature as one of the model players in Major League Baseball is what has made him so valuable to the Angels.

Now that he’s been in MLB for quite some time, the 32-year-old has seen numerous versions of his signature baseball cleat with Nike, most recently announcing the Nike Force Zoom Trout 9 Elite on social media.

The selling point for this new cleat is the upgrades and the attention to detail in taking the best from each prior version and using that as the keys to this one.

Trout is one of Nike’s top athletes, with gear for everything he needs on the diamond, from batting gloves, elbow guard, leg guards, and hand guards.

Mike Trout & Anthony Rendon need to play more

Trout, Anthony Rendon, and Ohtani are names that, when clumped together, form a trio that stands up with the best in baseball. However, all of which dealt with season-altering injuries this past season, or in years past, ailments that took one or two out of the lineup.

Since the 2021 season began, Rendon has missed 343 games with injury, with Trout missing 260 games in the same span.

Rendon has made virtually no impact in his four years with the Angels, and general manager Perry Minasian understands the value of his stars is best utilized when on the field. Rendon turns 34 during the 2024 season, and his full no-trade clause and high salary is the only thing holding him back from being on the open market.

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