MLB Players Intrigued By Possibility Of Playing In 2028 Olympics In Los Angeles

Baseball players won’t have any representation at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris after the sport was revived for the 2020 edition of the worldwide sporting event. Baseball was voted out of the Olympic lexicon after 2008, but was given a chance in 2020 to make a case for a revival, and its next opportunity to showcase could be at the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, a hub of Major League Baseball.

Baseball and softball are expected to be included in 2028, in large part due to baseball’s popularity in the United States as opposed to Paris this summer. And while the L.A. Olympics are still four years away, there are already potential plans in place to have some star names be involved in the festivities.

Tony Clark of the MLBPA recently spoke about the Olympics and whether or not he sees players from MLB taking part in the 2028 summer games, according to David Brandt of Associated Press:

Clark said many MLB players are excited about the prospect of playing in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, but that the “devil is in the proverbial details” when it comes to making it happen.

“There’s a lot of dialogue there,” Clark said. “We haven’t received anything formally. We’ve had conversations with some folks. But the players that we’ve heard from — at least as of right now — are intrigued by the idea.”

If the 2023 World Baseball Classic was any indication, having superstar talent representing their home countries and competing against one another could make for some incredible moments, similar to when Shohei Ohtani struck out then-teammate Mike Trout to clinch the WBC championship.

Talks between MLB and the player’s association will be fascinating as 2028 nears, as the MLB season is in direct conflict with the Olympics, unlike the WBC. If MLB players want to take part in the Olympics, MLB would need to agree to something similar to the NHL, when the season takes a short pause to allow players to go play in the Winter Olympics.

While the games are still four years away, conversations about how to approach that season could begin at any time, and Clark is ready for players to vouch for the opportunity to play.

Rob Manfred endorses MLB staying out of politics

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced back in November of 2023 that the 2025 All-Star Game is to take place in Atlanta. The decision was met with immediate backlash, as it was less than three years ago that MLB took the Midsummer Classic away from Atlanta in 2021.

The league made the choice to award the 2021 All-Star Game to the Colorado Rockies after Georgia passed controversial laws scaling back voting rights in the state.

Manfred is already a less-than-popular figure league-wide, and has chosen the path of least resistance when it comes to political matters.

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