MLB Lockout: Dan Halem, Bruce Meyer Met For Informal CBA Negotiations
MLB Lockout 1
(Photo by James Black/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

MLB and the Players Association failed to reach a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) by the league’s self-imposed deadline after nine consecutive days of meetings at Roger Dean Stadium, prompting commissioner Rob Manfred to cancel Opening Day and the first two series of the regular season.

Manfred called the outcome “a historic, yet unfortunate event for MLB’s future and present.” It marks the first time regular season games have been canceled due to an MLB work stoppage since the players’ strike in 1994-95.

Shortly after, MLBPA executive director Tony Clark indicated the union was more than willing to carry on with CBA negotiations. When that would happen was initially unclear as the sides left Florida and traveled back to New York.

According to The Athletic MLB Staff, MLB deputy commissioner Dan Halem and MLBPA lead negotiator Bruce Meyer met on Thursday for an informal conversation:

Two days after MLB commissioner Rob Manfred canceled the first two series of the 2022 season, lead negotiators from each side met informally Thursday.

MLBPA’s Bruce Meyer and Ian Penny met with MLB’s Dan Halem and Morgan Sword for about a hour and a half, discussing bargaining subjects and the timing of labor talks from here.

While it’s promising MLB and the MLBPA met two days after negotiations stalled in Florida, neither side made a proposal on Thursday. However, the union is said to be preparing an offer.

Although the owners and players are believed to be aligned on several topics such as the implementation of a universal DH and Draft lottery, a significant gap remains on key economic issues.

Those include the luxury tax thresholds and accompanying penalties, minimum starting salary, pre-arbitration bonus pool, and percentage of players that would qualify for Super Two status.

Angels’ Moreno one four MLB owners opposed to luxury tax increase

One of the biggest areas of disagreement between MLB and the MLBPA in CBA negotiations is the competitive balance tax. Team owners have shown a reluctance to make drastic changes to the luxury tax thresholds, including the Los Angeles Angels’ Arte Moreno, who is said to be one of the biggest hard-liners against any potential increases.

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