Anonymous MLB Player Poll Partially Backs Angels’ Anthony Rendon’s Case About Season Length
Anthony Rendon
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During the most recent MLB offseason, Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon came under fire for comments saying that the Major League season is too long. It was the latest in a laundry list of commentary from Rendon that suggested a lack of commitment towards the sport, a claim that general manager Perry Minasian strongly denied.

However, Rendon’s comments brought about an interesting point and a new topic of conversation. The question of the length of MLB’s season is not a new one, and there are legitimate reasons to think that shortening it could reduce injuries and increase game-to-game competitiveness.

The results of an anonymous player poll conducted by The Athletic’s Chad Jennings didn’t entirely back Rendon’s claims, but certainly gave them some credence.

In an anonymous player poll conducted by The Athletic this spring, just over 30 percent of respondents agreed that 162 games is too many.

“He’s right,” one player said. “I think, cut out like 10 games. That’s all. Nothing crazy. I think September gets a little washy at the end.”

Some pushed for an ever more radical change.

“There’s no reason we can’t reformat (the season) to make it 120 (to) 125 games with more off days and recovery,” another player said. “The game is made for us to get hurt. But (a shorter schedule) would ruin records, and the world likes records.”

Of course, the majority of the players polled like the schedule the way it is, saying that reduced pay and separating the good from the great players are major reasons for keeping the 162-game grind.

But Rendon, who was vilified in the offseason for his comments, may have had a leg to stand on. If nearly 30 percent of players agree with Rendon, perhaps it is a conversation worth having. For now, though, Rendon and those players will have to fight through the 162 games until CBA negotiations re-open, as that change would be a massive structural upheaval.

Anthony Rendon still a ways away, but improving

Rendon has been out of the Angels lineup since April 20 with a strained left hamstring. It’s another in a long list of injuries that has kept Rendon effectively out of regular playing time since 2020. Rendon was placed on the 60-day injured list shortly after and has been considered a ways away from a return in the six weeks since.

There was a bit of good news on the Rendon front late last week. From Wednesday to Friday, he made huge strides with swinging, throwing and fielding grounders. And while there is still no timetable on his return, the Angels are more confident than ever that he can return this season.

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