Angels Tickets & Attendance Cost Makes Them A Great Value In MLB
Shohei Ohtani Angel Stadium Field
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The annual MLB Fan Cost Index (FCI) was released last week, which has been produced by Chicago-based sports business intelligence firm Team Marketing Report since 1991.

The FCI reflects how much it costs to take a family or group of four to a ballgame, including tickets, parking and concessions. Ticket prices in all sports have been rising considerably, and baseball is no different, despite still being one of the cheaper options.

According to Bill Shea of The Athletic, the average FCI this season is $256.41, which is up 1.9% from last year and the smallest increase over the past three seasons:

The average baseball FCI this season is $256.41. That’s up 1.9 percent, or about $3, over 2021 and is the smallest year-over-year increase in three seasons. The average non-premium ticket across baseball is $35.93 – an increase of 94 cents over 2021, per Team Marketing Report’s data.

As one would expect, several big-market teams are at the top of the list in FCI this season. The Boston Red Sox lead the way at $385.37 and are followed by the Chicago Cubs ($364.83), Houston Astros ($354.72), New York Yankees ($348.84) and Los Angeles Dodgers ($326.91).

The Angels, however, rank just 25th in FCI this season ($208.10), making them one of the best values in all of baseball:

Also a good argument for best deal is the Los Angeles Angels, who are 26-17 overall and 14-8 at home. Their $208.10 FCI ranks 25th despite a 7.5 percent hike in average non-premium ticket prices to $32.03. Again, with a roster stacked with Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout, and Taylor Ward, that feels like a damned good price.

While the Angels rank just 25th in FCI, their average non-premium ticket price of $32.03 represents a 7.5% increase from last season.

The Angels have been giving fans bang for their buck this year as they currently sit in second place in the American League West with a 27-17 record. Fans will also get the pleasure of watching Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani on a nightly basis.

Long Beach makes pitch to Angels

The Anaheim City Council met on Tuesday to discuss their plans for the Angel Stadium land sale moving forward after alleged corruption from mayor Harry Sidhu, and they ultimately decided to unanimously vote to cancel the deal, which could cause a large legal battle.

But it could also cause the Angels and owner Arte Moreno to begin their search for a new home city and stadium, and there will surely be multiple suitors.

Long Beach is trying to push its way to the top of that list after missing out on getting a deal done with them in 2019, and they already released a statement sharing their interest in bringing the Angels to their city.

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