Angels News: Noah Syndergaard Uses Blank Profile Picture, Responds To MLB Lockout
Noah Syndergaard, 2021 Season
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past week, players have been open about their frustration with MLB owners over the imposed lockout. Commissioner Rob Manfred described locking out the players as a necessary step, but players have vehemently disagreed and have stood by their stance of receiving better treatment from the league.

One player who has already shown his frustrations over social media is newest Los Angeles Angels starter Noah Syndergaard. Over his time in Major League Baseball, Syndergaard has become known for his willingness to use his social profile to speak openly about his thoughts.

So with the league’s first work stoppage since 1994-95 and what the players’ feel is an unnecessary measure, it was assumed that Syndergaard would take to Twitter at some point. His first reaction came just days after the start of the lockout, via Syndergaard on Twitter:

In this tweet, Syndergaard is poking fun at the idea that MLB owners were in any way “forced” to lock out the players, using a moment from the critically-acclaimed film “Misery.” Another notable takeaway is his profile picture, which is currently a blank silhouette.

Syndergaard joined a number of players who changed their social media profile pictures to blank silhouettes in response to MLB taking down all information about current players from their website. Once this ironic movement started on the night of lockout, it wasn’t long before Syndergaard took part.

While Angels fans are going to love Thor’s dominance on the mound, they’ll also love the personality that comes with him from New York. Hopefully, he’ll provide us with more funny content as the league and players negotiate their way back to normalcy.

Angels were not close to Mets offer for Max Scherzer

The Angels already snaked one pitcher away from the Mets in the form of Syndergaard. However, the Mets were not going to let it happen with Max Scherzer. The rumors in the days leading up to his decision were that the Angels and L.A. Dodgers looked like the frontrunners.

However, the Mets came storming in with a historic offer of three years, $130 million, and the Angels wouldn’t come close to matching. In a silver lining, the rumor states that the Angels were closer than the Dodgers.

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