Angels News: Joe Maddon Not Concerned About Twins Positive COVID-19 Test
Joe Maddon, 2021 Season
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The Los Angeles Angels hold a 1-0 series lead against the Minnesota Twins, but have two more games to go this weekend. After the first game, a 10-3 Angels blowout win, it was revealed that a Twins player received a positive COVID-19 test, potentially putting some Twins players at risk of missing the rest of the series.

Of course, with the Twins playing in Anaheim, there are certainly concerns that this could affect the Angels moving forward as well. Joe Maddon has already had to make several roster changes due to injury, and a potential COVID situation could be a major problem.

However, Maddon doesn’t seem all that concerned, saying he wants to let it play out and that he hopes the Twins issues will not affect them, according to J.P. Hoornstra of The O.C. Register:

“The fact that we were outside and I don’t think we were like within 5 feet or whatever for the appropriate amount of time, I feel pretty good about that,” Maddon said. “We’ll just let it play out. We’ll see what the science, the medicine says, and move on from there. There’s nothing really to comment on. We’ll keep moving it forward. I hate to use the word ‘hope’ but hopefully, it turns out well.”

The Twins did not reveal who tested positive or if that person played in Friday night’s game. However, it’s very possible that an update comes through before Saturday’s game.

The hope is that this is an isolated case that does not greatly affect the Twins ability to put players on the field. On the same note, an isolated incident means the Angels are likely unaffected. Maddon said before the season that the Angels planned on reaching the 85% vaccinated mark put forth by the MLB.

If they have already done this, it makes it even less likely that we’ll see the Angels have to deal with losing players temporarily to COVID.

Maddon says 3-3 first road trip is a success given injuries

The Angels have already dealt with a rash of injuries to begin the 2021 season, before dealing with any COVID situations. In spite of that, the Halos managed to eek out a .500 road trip against two formidable opponents.

Maddon was pleased with the team’s effort and their performance in spite of all the missing players.

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