Angels Injury Update: Chris Rodriguez, Max Stassi Make Rehab Starts With Salt Lake Bees
Max Stassi, 2021 Spring Training
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Angels have dealt with the injury bug for the entire 2021 season. It’s been a rare sight to see the team at full strength, with the most recent string of absences affecting reliever Chris Rodriguez and catcher Max Stassi. However, these two may be on the mend after recently making rehab starts with the Salt Lake Bees.

While any injuries hurt an MLB roster, having Rodriguez and Stassi out were particularly difficult to deal with because of the lack of depth behind them. The Angels bullpen has been among the worst in baseball during Rodriguez’s absence, while Kurt Suzuki and Drew Butera have been relatively below average as platoon catchers.

Finally, there is some good news on both of their fronts, as their rehab starts with the Bees were successful, according to Bees broadcaster Steve Klauke:

Given that Rodriguez only pitched one inning — and 12 pitches — it’s unlikely that he’s called up immediately. Although, given the state of the bullpen, nothing is impossible.

Meanwhile, Stassi only catching five innings shows that he may still be a week or so away from returning. Again, he can always come back earlier if the Angels and the MLB believe he is recovered from his concussion, but it’s unlikely given what he did at the Triple A level.

The good news is that, even in limited time, both had successful starts. Full-time Major League players should perform well in Triple A, even if they are not at 100% in terms of their health. Perhaps this will expedite their recovery and get the back with the Angels, who desperately need help producing on both sides of the ball.

Perry Minasian expecting better play over next month

Perhaps getting healthy was part of the equation that general manager Perry Minasian had in mind when he said that he expects better play out of the Angels. If they want to catch up in the playoff race, now is the time to move. If they don’t, they’ll likely look to trade players on one-year deals to bolster their farm system.

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