MLB Pipeline Releases Angels’ Top 30 Prospects For 2024 Season
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Multiple times each season, MLB Pipeline goes through each team’s farm system to keep an updated ranking of their top 30 prospects. And with the 2024 MLB season less than a month away, they are beginning to release the rankings for each team to begin this season. And the Los Angeles Angels had theirs revealed on Wednesday.

The Angels sit toward the bottom of Major League Baseball in terms of their farm system ranking. This is in part due to their trading of prospects over the years to increase the talent on the MLB roster, and it is also in part due to their aggressive promoting of minor league talent. Top draft picks often spend less than two years in the Halos’ farm system before they graduate to the Majors.

For example, the team’s No. 1 prospect — first baseman Nolan Schanuel — was drafted by the team in the first round (11th overall) of the 2023 MLB Draft. He had made his Angels debut before that very same season came to an end. He is the team’s Opening Day starting first baseman in 2024, but will retain prospect status for a little while longer. He is likely to be removed by the time the midseason rankings are turned in.

In fact, of the Angels’ top 30 prospects, seven have already made their MLB debut. This includes Schanuel, shortstop Kyren Paris (No. 4), relief pitcher Ben Joyce (No. 5), right-hander Victor Mederos (No. 16), outfielder Jordyn Adams (No. 24) and right-handers Kelvin Caceres (No. 28) and Davis Daniel (No. 29).

This speaks to how quick the Angels are to move a player through the system when they feel a player is ready. Another intriguing prospect that could be the team’s next fast riser is RHP Caden Dana. He is the No. 3 overall prospect and has already impressed with his work in Spring Training. He is not expected in the big leagues until 2025, but things can never be ruled out with this organization.

Another highlighted player that could make his MLB debut this year is No. 10 overall RHP Jack Kochanowicz. He and his 60-grade fastball on the 20-80 scouting scale were placed on the 40-man roster at the end of the 2023 season and scouts believe he is a few tweaks away from being MLB ready.

Angels full top 30 prospects list

1. Nolan Schanuel, 1B
2. Nelson Rada, OF
3. Caden Dana, RHP
4. Kyren Paris, SS/2B
5. Ben Joyce, RHP
6. Barrett Kent, RHP
7. Denzer Guzman, SS
8. Dario Laverde, C
9. Joswa Lugo. SS
10. Jack Kochanowicz, RHP
11. Felix Morrobel, SS
12. Ryan Costieu, RHP
13. Walbert Urena, RHP
14. Jadiel Sanchez, OF
15. Adrian Placencia, 2B
16. Victor Mederos, RHP
17. Jorge Ruiz, OF
18. Alberto Rios, C
19. Camden Minacci, RHP
20. Jorge Marcheco, RHP
21. Joel Hurtado, RHP
22. Juan Flores, C
23. Capri Ortiz, SS
24. Jordyn Adams, OF
25. Adrian Acosta, RHP
26. Anthony Scull, OF
27. John Wimmer, SS
28. Kelvin Caceres, RHP
29. Davis Daniel, RHP
30. Francis Texido, LHP

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