MLB Odds News: Where Can Angels Fans Bet Legally Online In The US
Online ports betting has been legalized in a number of states.

As California navigates the complex web of legalizing sports gambling, the buzz around the potential for bettors to legally place their stakes on games is palpable, especially within the passionate circles of Major League Baseball fans. With the Los Angeles Angels not pegged as the favorites to clinch the World Series in 2024, the attention from the betting community underscores a dynamic shift in the sports betting landscape. It’s a testament to the game’s unpredictable nature, and the excitement that every pitch, hit, and home run can bring, attracting action from seasoned and casual bettors alike.

The Golden State, known for its sprawling metropolises and vibrant sports culture, stands on the cusp of joining the ranks of states that offer legal sports betting, promising to open up new avenues for fan engagement and state revenue. For Angels fans and bettors, this development is particularly intriguing. While the team may not top the odds charts for the upcoming season, the nuanced understanding of the game’s intricacies allows for a wide range of betting opportunities.

Whether it’s wagering on individual performances, game outcomes, or season-long achievements, the potential legalization in California signifies a broader acceptance and integration of sports betting into the fabric of the fan experience.

Who Can Legally Wager Online?

Currently, 38 states, including Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico, offer some form of legal online sports betting in the US. While Delaware allows online casinos and casino games, it does not permit online sports betting. Conversely, online casinos and poker are prohibited in Oregon, but online sports betting is legal.

Angels fans in New Jersey looking to place in-play bets on star players will be pleased to learn that the state’s market for regulated online gambling is the largest in the country, valued at $225M annually. Various online casino sites and betting options will make wagering on the regular season and playoffs straightforward.

Pennsylvania has seen growth after many of the significant casinos operating within the state launched online sites in May 2019. Sports betting is one of such things Pennsylvania online casinos offer.

Delaware residents have no cause for concern, as the state was the first to introduce online gambling after the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was overturned in 2018. Three online casinos with sportsbooks are available; however, none offers a mobile app yet.

The introduction of mobile apps has simplified baseball bettors’ process of placing wagers on games from anywhere. This convenience is now available in several states, including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.

Iowa serves as an example of how online sportsbooks can be established swiftly. Online sports betting launched in the Hawkeye State in August 2019, quickly setting up five sportsbooks for players. Registration processes are unique, requiring forms to be submitted in person at a partnered casino, though this requirement will expire at the end of 2020.

Colorado joined the list of states legalizing online gambling after a successful voter referendum in November 2019. Online sports betting commenced in May 2020, potentially offering up to 33 online sportsbooks for Angels fans to wager on throughout the year.

Despite having no physical gambling venues, Tennessee launched an online betting platform. The state legalized online sports betting in April 2019, with sites going live in 2020.

Who Cannot Wager Legally Online?

Angels fans in Los Angeles will not be able to bet on the team this year. However, there’s optimism as California considers legalizing sports betting, potentially altering the landscape in the coming years. Efforts to legalize mobile wagering through a ballot in 2022 failed significantly, with less than 20% of California voters in support. The future of sports wagering in California remains mainly in tribal gaming interests.

Several other states are also contemplating legalizing online betting.

  • Alabama Sports Betting: After Senate versions of a bill were unsuccessful in the House in 2023, prospects for sports betting in Alabama look bleak again this year. A gambling bill is advancing without including sports betting.
  • Texas Sports Betting: The Texas House passed a bill to legalize sports wagering in 2023, marking a significant step. However, progress stalled in the Senate, and the bill won’t be revisited until the legislature reconvenes in 2025.
  • Georgia Sports Betting: Despite coming close to passing in recent years, sports betting bills in Georgia have consistently been derailed by political challenges. Another attempt is underway in 2024, but its success remains doubtful as time passes.
  • Minnesota Sports Betting: A hopeful legislative effort in 2023 disintegrated late in the session. Advocates are determined to reintroduce a sports betting bill in 2024, aiming for a different outcome.
  • Missouri Sports Betting: In Missouri, the push for sports betting legislation faces internal resistance, notably from Sen. Denny Hoskins. His insistence on including video lottery terminals (VLT) has single-handedly hindered progress.

Overall, the online sports betting scene is much more favorable for Angels and MLB fans across the US than Nevada’s monopolized digital offerings a few years ago. With more states preparing for legal gambling, players will soon have even more options.

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