MLB Lockout Rumors: League Threatens More Cancellations If Deal Not Agreed To By Tuesday
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Last week, MLB imposed an arbitrary deadline to get a CBA agreed to, with the threat that they would cancel games if the MLBPA failed to meet those demands. The deadline passed without a deal, and Rob Manfred cancelled the first two series of the 2022 season.

Now that a week has passed, the two sides have met additional times to try and work through their significant differences. But it has come with minimal progress, as the MLBPA feels their asks are reasonable and that they have already caved to MLB’s demands enough.

To continue putting pressure on the union, MLB has imposed yet another arbitrary deadline. This time, even more is reportedly at stake if a deal cannot be agreed to by Tuesday night, according to Evan Drellich of The Athletic:

This is clearly another bad faith attempt by the league to shift the blame onto the players side. At the last moment, MLB tells MLBPA publicly that if there’s no deal by Tuesday, they’ll cancel more games, and if a deal is made, they’ll reverse their previous cancellations and restore a 162-game season.

This way, if a deal is made, MLB can take credit for taking a necessary measure to make it happen. And if it doesn’t happen, MLB can blame the union for any inevitably cancelled games.

However, the MLBPA is not going to let this deter them from making a fair deal. They have made it painfully obvious what they need from a new CBA, and the league has refused — time and time again — to respect those wishes.

We’ll see what Tuesday’s negotiations bring, and if a deal can be agreed to in time to avoid another string of cancellations by Manfred.

Union concedes on rule changes

In one of their biggest concessions to date, the MLBPA agreed to allow the commissioner to unilaterally impose some rule changes with only 45 days notice. Previously, Manfred needed one year’s notice to do so.

The three rule changes he would be allowed to make in 45 days are related to pitch clocks, expanded bases, and shift regulations.

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