Jo Adell Working Through Slump Knowing Place With Angels Is Secure
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Jo Adell is in the midst of a major slump for the Los Angeles Angels. Over his last 25 games since May 21, Adell is batting .096 with a .363 OPS, and it has brought his season numbers crashing down to a sub-.200 batting average and sub-.700 OPS. However, unlike previous slumps at the Major League level, this time is different.

For one, Adell has played much better defense than he has in previous campaigns. He grades out as a plus outfielder in virtually every category, even with the declining offensive numbers. He has also displayed much better discipline amid the struggles, chasing at the lowest rate of his career.

The biggest difference that has allowed for the above two things to stay true, though, is that Adell has been given the runway to work through his slump. Over his first five Major League seasons, the plug has been pulled on him relatively quickly. That type of inconsistency in role makes it hard to work out of a slump.

But for the first time, Adell has a guaranteed starting spot, and is being given a real chance to fight through the struggles. He spoke about having that room to grow, via Luca Evans of The O.C. Register:

“I wish I could have told myself that a couple years ago, is to focus on (the work),” Adell said Monday, sitting in the Angels’ dugout, “and to know that within the process, within time, good things are going to happen.”

“It gives me a deep breath,” Adell said, “when things don’t go my way.”

Adell also reflected on some of the positive work he’s done this season both on the field and mentally to ensure a better daily approach.

“I’ve been able to play defense at a really high level, and that’s something we preach here is our defense,” Adell told the Southern California News Group. “And so, obviously coming out, with my level of power, at any point in time I can put one in the seats. I know that’s big for this team.”

“So, over time,” he continued, “I kinda had the idea that it was a spot for me to lose more than it is something that could be taken away from me.”

For the first time — and likely the last if it doesn’t go well — the Angels are giving Adell a real shot. It’s something they likely should have done several years ago, seeing how his mentality shifts when he’s given that runway. However, 2024 was always going to be a make or break year for the young player, and now that can truly be put to the test.

Perry Minasian asking for a big return for Jo Adell

Jo Adell is one of two Angels outfielders that has some league-wide interest (Taylor Ward), but Angels general manager Perry Minasian has high asking prices for either player.

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